The Kanban pull principle made perfect: e-KANBAN System IKSONLINE trial for free - 30 days long!

What is the Integrated eKanban System ?

scan Kanbans
monitor inventory
control the system
optimize processes...


e-Kanban perspective

Advantages of the e-KANBAN System IKS

Always online in real time

All relevant Kanban information is available in "real time" - Online in the Cloud

automated Kanban loops

All Kanban signals are sent in real time and are visible on the screen immediately


"Real" e-Kanban pull control for almost nothing, no risk at all => buy or rent

Print and scan

Fast printing of Kanban cards and capturing of Kanban movements with minimal effort

Relief of the IT department

Low effort for the IT department and minimal maintenance costs

Kanban visualization and control

Optimal control and monitoring of all Kanban information in real time. Pull control realized by e-Kanban boards


Available in many languages

Kanban analysis and optimization

Continuous improvement of inventory levels and delivery lead-times based on historical data. Adjustment of Kanban levels based on changing demand. Thus a considerable potential is available for optimizations

WE are there for you!

We are always interested to improve our Kanban software.

With pleasure our Team of Kanban experts helps you to clarify all questions and discusses your pull processes and requirements together with you.
If you need support to implement a Kanban System or to optimize your existing Kanban processes, we are 100% sure our team is the right choice for you.

We can offer to you many different workshops, coaching and advices for the improvement of your Kanban System as well as the implementation of further Lean methods.

In several foreign countries our local Kanban Experts can support you as well with an excellent Kanban introduction or in the scope of "Lean production".
Since more than 10 years we are "the" experts in „electronic Kanban“ worldwide.

Our new web-based e-Kanban solution IKS makes your Kanban System much simplier, faster and more efficient.

The new Integrated Kanban System IKS offers a lot of new functions to support supplier Kanban, production control with e-Kanban boards, automatic recalculation of the number of Kanban cards, specific supervision and optimization of inventory and delivery lead times and many more interesting features...

For more information, visit us on:

The perfect e-Kanban system for production and logistics ...

Companies worldwide in many different business sectors trust in our Kanban solutions

– and this since more than 10 years!



Brief explanation regarding the packages and rates:

With our SMART KANBAN package you can create all your loops and print your Kanban cards. Classic Kanban data management with up to 50 loops is completely free of charge.

You can rent our e-Kanban solution IKS, for at least 99 euros per month or you can buy the system for an affordable fair price!

Where exactly is the eKanban system IKS installed?

The e-Kanban system can either run on our as well as on your servers!

Next Steps:

Additionally to our software, we can provide you with professional trainings and workshops onsite!

Please contact us for your individual offer!


30 days FREE TRIAL
  • pure manual Kanban, i.e. no tracking of status changes
  • Kanban data management
  • creation of Kanban loops
  • Kanban calculation based on standard formulas
  • printing of Kanban cards
  • Kanban Monitor
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
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