e-Kanban realized in production and warehouse

In order to control a production or a fabrication area with a Kanban system, the so-called “traffic-light-Kanban” is generally applied. Now you wonder, how does that work best together with e-Kanban?

At the shop-floor Kanban orders are often visualized with classical manual Kanban planning Boards. For each item, a green, yellow and red area is calculated. The consumed Kanban cards are placed into the panel manual by hand, in order to visualize the order volume to the employees at the production source.

Also, if the basic principle is quite simple, manual Kanban Boards have significant disadvantages.

These include:

  • Difficult handling when lots of items must be produced from one single source
  • Error susceptibility because of wrongly inserted Kanban cards
  • Inaccurate prioritization of the Kanban items (which is the best to produce next?)
  • Slow flow of information, because the Kanban signals are transmitted purely manual
  • Almost no way to incorporate additional criteria for local optimization

The e-Kanban system IKS includes an electronic Kanban Board or also called Heijunka Board. This innovative Kanban Board can do a lot of more things than just visualizing Kanban cards on the screen. In this case, the same principle will be applied, but all of the information can be visualized in real-time, allowing dynamic prioritization and much more. In the next step, when combining this principle with the manufactus e-Kanban processes, very simple but highly efficient pull processes can be established in the production area. Finally all necessary steps to control the production will be reduced to a minimum.


The advantages of the electronic Kanban Boards are:

  • No manual Kanban Boards anymore and thus elimination of false inserted cards
  • Simultaneous control of hundreds of Kanban control loops possible
  • Simple and transparent visualization of all Kanban orders and inventory for a preselected production source in real time
  • Automatic and dynamic prioritization of Kanban orders
  • Quick overview on complete Kanban situation, so the operators always know what to produce next
  • Take a look into your warehouse without leaving the office
  • Print Kanban cards only when needed
  • Scan Kanbans directly via e-Kanban Board
  • You don`t need to enlarge your available space to  accommodate a larger Kanban panel
  • An optional Heijunka sequence visualization of Kanban loops is the latest highlight in IKS!

Another very important point is the following:

The innovative web-based e-Kanban Board can also be applied by external suppliers, customers and logistics centers.