Kanban Supply Chain Management – Multisite CLOUD EN

You are convinced of Kanban solutions because you have always achieved the desired improvements so far. Now you wonder how can I start expanding my supply chain network continuously with it?

The new e-Kanban system IKS goes one step further than before.

In the future, it will be possible to represent all delivery streams based on the Kanban pull principle multidimensional between different plants.

Ultimately, an e-Kanban multisite CLOUD is growing.


With the new e-Kanban multisite CLOUD solution, barriers are breached for the first time:

  • In a corporate association between customer – supplier relationships, sometimes the factories supply each other
  • Each plant uses its own master data, which is not visible to other plants
  • The individual master data, and the Kanban loops are managed by the plants itself, e.g. for internal Kanban loops, because other plants have nothing to do with it
  • But interactions between different locations are nonetheless possible via IKS multi-site cloud
  • Capturing of the Kanban movements within a single system, e.g. the Kanban cards can be scanned everywhere in the multi-site network, for example, if the factories supply each other
  • This means that all plants operate with a single kanban software system. It is not necessary to change the browser or constantly log into another Kanban system
  • Plants can make Kanban loops visible for other plants, thus shipping people can see Kanban loops from differant customers just within the same View