Supplier Kanban processes realized by e-Kanban

The Web-Portal for Supplier Kanban enables your external suppliers, customers or colleagues from another company site to access all relevant Kanban data in real time via internet.

In this way, real-time information flows can be implemented to provide the maximum benefits and savings!

Our electronic e-Kanban System IKS offers the following possibilities to transmit Kanban signals to your Kanban supplier (s):

  • Email delivery of Kanban cards or reports, see Figure 1


  • Through e-Kanban online access, see figure 2

Supplier Kanban via fax and emailFigure 1: Kanban connection via Email


For your external suppliers,  the IKS Web-Portal allows the online access to all relevant Kanban information in “real-time”. The electronic Kanban Board, which enables the dynamic visualization of the Kanban orders, allows the fast and cheap realization of modern concepts, like vendor-managed inventory (VMI).

Supplier Kanban via Web-Portal

Figure 2: e-Kanban connection is available through online web portal

In case of implementing the Customer Kanban concept, a Kanban supermarket (warehouse, racks, …) is built at the customer site, from which the required items can be consumed. If a Kanban container gets empty, the client sends a Kanban signal, so that the supermarket will be replenished.


Figure 3: e-Kanban connection of customers

A common application for a customer Kanban system is the supply of so-called C-parts (DIN and standard parts such as screws, nuts, other small parts, etc.). In this case, the supplier of C-parts offers the replenishment of the kanban supermarket as a service.

Now, on side of the customer the only thing that needs to be done is to capture the consumption of the Kanbans, for example by using a classic barcode scanner, which triggers a very simple and transparent process for replenishment.

In summary the e-Kanban system IKS provides the following advantages:

  • Visualization in real time, no time delay!
  • Visualization of Kanbans which need to be replenished within the loop
  • Optional printing of Kanban cards at supplier side
  • Optional scanning of Kanban cards at supplier side (e.g. IN TRANSPORT)
  • Entering of short messages by the supplier
  • e-Kanban Board for dynamically controlling the replenishment process
  • Early Warning System for timely detection of material shortages
  • Extensive reporting
  • Easy administration of new suppliers and users
  • and much more…